Geeks Behind the Iron Curtain

Do you know about the kids behind the Iron Curtain who put together their own gaming consoles not to be cool, but because they could not afford them otherwise? Or that the Yugoslavian scientist Nikola Tesla, the biggest “geek” in history, got celebrated by having factories named after him? Would you like to know why video games were pirated freely, with zero concern for private property?

If you’d like to truly feel the past, in a way that changes the future, Geeks Behind the Iron Curtain is something you need to read. It’s an in-depth story of the creativity of “geeks” in socialist countries, one that will give you an insight into their struggles and hopes and dreams up until the spectacular fall of the Berlin Wall. A tale that has never been told.

An exciting story of regimes in which all the kids had no choice but be part of the pioneer movement, write letters of adoration and sing songs at dictators’ birthdays. In the freedom of their own rooms, though, these were the kids who built rockets that would take us to Mars, read thrilling superhero comics, built their own computers out of smuggled parts and watched SF movies on pirated VHS tapes so they would not have to wait years to watch them in cinemas!